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Many famous brands are fortunate enough to have tens of thousands of people search on Google for them by name every day. Their reputation affords them a level of notoriety that as businesses we would all love to have.

You or I aren’t just so fortunate. For us, many of our prospects are searching for keywords like: mortgage brokers, buy medicinal herbs, wind farm construction, engineering companies, financial advisors and income protection insurances (like here), life insurance, construction companies, dentists [place name], solicitors [place name], or simply [your product name].

That leaves you and me with only three options:

1. Let our competitors dominate those keywords – and take all the potential business.
2. Half-heartedly work on search engine optimisation – and spend the next 2 years thinking about it.
3. Get serious about ranking our core keywords – and begin a dedicated search engine optimisation plan.

Sure, the first two options are the easiest. They reside in our comfort zone. We can just keep doing what we’ve been doing, but you know exactly what’s going to happen with that approach. So that only leaves us with one option – we have to get serious about search engine optimisation.

You Have Better Things to Do!

Not only do we manage developing content, speeding up your site, and obtaining powerful backlinks for your site, but I guarantee that we can get your website ranked on the first page of Google.

No it isn’t magic, and it isn’t some black-hat technique (a technique used to trick search engines). I’m talking about getting you on the first page for some of the most competitive keywords in your market.

How Can I Make Such a Bold Guarantee?

I’m able to make such a bold guarantee because this is exactly what we’ve been doing for our clients for the past ten years. We’ve managed to get our clients’ websites on the first page of Google; even for some of the most competitive keywords on the internet. These keywords include weight loss vitamins, search engine optimisation course, safe weight loss, small business marketing coach, and many more.

Irish Client Website #1 – 444 to 6431 Visitors Per Month (the site actually receives over 10000 Unique Visitors per Month)





Irish Client Website #2 – 87 to 1783 Visitors Per Month (the site actually receives over 4000 Unique Visitors per Month)

UK Client (E-commerce Website) #3 – 313 Keywords ranking in Google to 2265 Keywords

UK Client (Beauty Website) #4 – 0 Traffic to 925 (Site actually receives over 3000 visitors each month)

Our search engine optimisation methods have been put to the test during the last three major Google algorithm changes (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird) and all of our clients’ sites maintained their position in Google search results.

The Chance of a Lifetime – I’m NOT Kidding

We haven’t ever, as in never, promoted our Search Engine optimisation services. The reason is simple; we make enough money from our own affiliate sites to live comfortably, plus we don’t enjoy doing search engine optimisation that much.

I’m being completely honest with you; Search Engine Optimisation is extremely boring and is hard work. The team at Ceol Digital tends to be the creative sort, not the do boring work types. That has been true up until about two months ago.

A few months ago I stumbled across an unusual specimen, Nicholas, who approached me about helping Ceol Digital expand our SEO services. Frankly I’m still puzzled, but this guy actually loves doing boring stuff. Strange right?!?

Well his strangeness is now your opportunity. See, Nicholas has been doing SEO for even longer than I have, and rumor has it that he would rather do SEO work than take a long holiday.

Anyway, he’s now a part of the Ceol Digital crew, although we do keep him locked in a small room to prevent his boringness from rubbing off on us.

He’s raring to help you land more sales on the first page of Google. And we’ll guarantee results.

But you are right. There is a catch to this amazing opportunity.

Even though we have an amazing track record for driving traffic to clients’ websites and getting them on the first page of Google, there’s no way we’re going to become stressed from this whole affair.

We have a small, talented team, and we only can handle a small number of clients.

You see if we guarantee results, we absolutely have to do the job right, and that takes a lot of time and diligent work.

You Get To Choose

So the choice is yours. You can keep allowing your competitors to steal your prospects, or you can hire us to put your website at the top of the Google search results.

If your gut is telling you this offer is right for you, then you need to take immediate action and click the link below.

We’ll provide you with a complimentary SEO analysis of your website, and when we have it ready we’ll schedule a time to have a brief chat. During this chat, we’ll talk about how we think we can help, what your investment would be, and there will be no pressure to buy anything from us.

I look forward to chatting with you about getting your website to the top of the search results. But if you don’t act, we may never talk.



The team at Ceol Digital.