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The Insurance Customer Generator.

InsureGen™ was custom-built by us to generate customer phone call enquiries which are sent directly as calls to the phone lines of insurance companies from online niche traffic on Irish user’s smartphones. Our experience shows us that phone call leads yield a much higher conversion rate than online quote requests.

The enquiries generated using InsureGen™ feature:

  • Urgency – people calling usually need to purchase a product within a short time window.
  • Pre-Qualification – people calling have already pre-qualified themselves by researching and reading information online about car insurance products. Our experience has shown that this is very high-quality, exceptionally high-converting traffic.
  • Wide Demographic – callers are from all walks of life and many are mid-to-high income  who can successfully be cross-sold on other insurance products such as Income Protection, Life Assurance, Home Insurance etc.  


For clients who join our full service, we offer a holistic marketing and marketing technology consultancy service for free.  This usually begins with an audit of your current setup to quickly identify where easy gains can be made. Then we map out for you a full long-term marketing strategy.  We are happy see our clients grow and prosper by sharing our expertise in marketing and technology.


InsureGen – Profitable. Predictable. Simple. Low-Risk. Transparent. On-Demand.


In Order for InsureGen™ to Work:

  • The insurance quote must be provided as the caller is on the phone, during their first contact. The telephone agent should do everything possible to quote the caller and convert the call into a sale.
  • Call capacity and responsiveness. Calls must be answered – your phone lines should not be busy and calls should not ring out.
  • Staff sales acumen – staff need to be proactive in selling the product, and cross-selling if appropriate, even if they know that there is somewhere that the customer could possibly get the product for less if they were to shop around.
  • The caller is seeking an insurance broker so does not want to go to a direct insurer. 
  • Realise that price competitiveness is not always crucial, that it is just one factor in the customer’s equation.  
  • Lunchtime is a peak time for insurance enquiries – many people work 9-5 jobs and experience shows us that many look for insurance quotes during their lunch break, so adequate phone staffing needs to be available during lunch hours (12 midday to 2.30pm).


More about InsureGen™:

  • The leads come from smartphone users who are reading about insurance products – this is product demand-based traffic and most callers will have time-sensitive needs.
  • Our calls are generated using our own web traffic in Ireland, related to insurance products.
  • The customer clicks the number from their smartphone, in order to call for a quote.
  • The number the person calls will be Dublin (01) or National (076), which we will route to a landline number of your choice
  • All calls are verified, through our call tracking platform
  • The calls can be delivered at any time – business hours, outside of business hours, weekends, bank holidays etc.


Most of the enquiries will be for car insurance. Some will be for business, life, income protection (example) and mortgage protection insurance, or indeed any type of insurance product. If you already are good at car insurance then these leads should work well
The trial pack is a taste of the InsureGen™ service, and includes 15-20 leads a day (in the form of direct phone calls), That’s 75-100 leads in total over 5 working days, for a management-only fee of €150.
So for the modest fee of €150 you can test a service that has the potential to increase your phone enquiries by a factor of multiples.
Is this an easy decision to make? We think so.
After a successful trial period, a larger number of leads can be delivered. We will discuss if you have any individual requirements.

InsureGen™ insurance leads ireland logo

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