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We can help your CBD brand to Increase its Google Rankings, Publicity and Sales

We are the indisputable industry leaders in SEO and digital marketing when it comes to the needs of CBD enterprises like yours.


There are several restrictions and regulations that conflict between Ireland and the EU regarding CBD, making it difficult to advertise and expand your CBD company.


However, with your own specialised SEO plan, you can significantly enhance your reach and exposure via organic searches and best practices, making marketing and growth much simpler.


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We are a Top CBD SEO and Online Marketing Firm. We Understand the Niche and the Customer Base for CBD Products

How can Ceol Digital help you if you promote and run a company in Ireland’s CBD industry niche?


A large number of new companies have joined the market as a result of the recent spike in popularity of CBD oil (even though CBD oil itself is a very old product). There is a lot of competition online for businesses like yours, but there are also a lot of opportunities.


There are a lot of people in ireland searching for CBD related keywords every day – and we KNOW HOW to put your products in front of those people.

An effective SEO and digital marketing strategy that follows marketing best practices will improve your site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and offer you with immediate credibility with potential consumers.


Services for Professional Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click Management

Our managed SEO campaigns help kickstart your search engine optimisation efforts. Increase your Google ranking, beat the competition, and get more customers.

We do all of Search Engine Optimisation at local, regional and national levels. Get ahead of the rest of the pack!

I could go on and on about how effective our SEO methods have been in attracting new visitors, customers, and money. See the charts below showing Google organic ranking growth of current client website

Global CBD Brand – Insane SEO competition – Growing sales Every Month with Onpage and Backlink Building

Irish and UK CBD Oil Brand – Tough SEO competition – We’re Growing sales Every Month with Facebook Ads, Google PPC Ads, Onpage Optimisation & Backlink Building – More Clients Below

National SEO and International SEO

With the aid of our specialised international SEO methods, you may be visible all over the globe. Go worldwide and achieve success in foreign countries.


Search Engine Optimisation Auditing

A technical SEO audit is required if you want your website to perform as well as it can in search engine results. Our experienced team employs cutting-edge SEO tools to detect issue areas in order to assist your site increase in search engine results. You can’t seem to obtain the organic website no matter what


Ceol Digital SEO and Marketing are here to help.

Because of our years of experience, our team is able to assist SMEs all over the globe. We can’t get enough of internet advertising as a firm. Throughout our years in the market, we’ve helped various businesses find new customers, grow their client base, improve their reputations, and strengthen their rapport with their customers.


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