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Grease Monkey Direct UK is a leading automotive product distributor in the UK automotive industry. They are known for being one of the top independent sellers of car supplies online, tools for workshops, and accessories for garages. With over 5,000 different items, including auto electricals, garage tools, and various hardware, they are a go-to for all your car part and accessory needs.

Grease Monkey Direct UK is dedicated to making the customers happy. They offer great deals and free, fast delivery on orders over £100 in the UK. This strong focus on customer service has made them a well-respected auto parts shop. They have received lots of positive reviews, showing how they maintain high service levels.

About Grease Monkey Direct UK

Grease Monkey Direct UK is a top superstore known for its focus on customers. It meets all your needs for cars and garages. They have over 5,000 products, making it easy for you to find everything you need.

This shop is loved by professionals and car lovers. They have a website that’s easy to use. Shopping for the best car items at good prices is simple.

Quality and trust matter a lot at Grease Monkey Direct UK. They sell the best tools, accessories, and more. These items come from well-known brands to make sure you get great stuff for your garage.

The shop is also famous for its great service. Their experts are friendly and knowledgeable. They help shoppers decide on the right items and answer any questions.

  • Grease Monkey Direct UK has an awesome rating of 3.1 on Trustpilot. A big 85% of reviews gave it 5 stars.
  • Customers love their quick deliveries and affordable prices. The high-quality items are also a big hit.
  • Some people had small issues, like missing items or slow emails. But, most customers are happy with the range and fast delivery.

Grease Monkey Direct UK promises great quality and care for its customers. It’s the go-to place for your garage, car, and workshop needs.

Automotive Supplies and Tools Range

Grease Monkey Direct UK knows how crucial it is to have lots of chemicals, automotive tools, professional car care products, and mechanic tools available. This is whether you work as a mechanic or love doing it yourself. We serve all with our wide product range.

We’re proud to have more than 5,000 products ready for you, stocked from major car brands in the UK and Ireland. In our top picks, you’ll find automotive cables, bulbs, and more. This is because we think the essentials for upkeep should always be at your fingertips.

We aim for the best, working with top brands like Gedore, Irwin, and Stanley. They’re famous for their quality-made mechanics tools and automotive parts and accessories. Check out our stand-out products. These include the Gedore Red 172 Piece Socket Set and more. They meet the needs of professionals and DIY fans alike.

  • Gedore Red 172 Piece Socket Set – £166.80
  • 1/4″ + 1/2″ Drive Socket set 100pcs by Gedore – £262.10
  • Wiha Wrench Pliers Classic Parallel Jaw – £52.70
  • Wiha Hex Key T-Handle Set ComfortGrip – £27.62

At Grease Monkey Direct UK, making you happy is what drives us, just like your car. Our five-star Trust Pilot rating shows we’re doing things right. For over 30 years, we’ve teamed up with top names like DeWalt and Milwaukee. This is to bring you the best choices at wallet-friendly prices.

Grease Monkey Direct UK’s Goal

Grease Monkey Direct UK is a leader in supplying automotive tools UK, garage equipment online, car maintenance products, and workshop supplies. They aim to be your go-to choice by offering a vast array of products, all at great prices. They also make sure your orders arrive at your door fast.

They put customers first by answering all questions and making your experience smooth. Their team is full of experts who can help pick the right automotive tools UK and garage equipment online for you.

Grease Monkey Direct UK is proud of the huge range of car maintenance products and workshop supplies they offer. They aim to serve not just experts but also fans of cars and DIY projects. Their selection includes everything from electrical parts and garage tools to special workshop supplies.

Grease Monkey Direct UK’s key feature is their dedication to top quality. They carefully select automotive tools UK, garage equipment online, and car maintenance products from the best brands. This guarantees that everything you buy from them lasts long and performs well, meeting or even surpassing your expectations.

  • Their wide variety includes must-haves like:
    • Nitrile gloves, known for being tough against punctures
    • Rigger gloves for tough jobs, complete with extra padding
    • Garage jugs and funnels to make working with fluids easier
    • Bargain hose menders that save your gear
    • Many types of pins and fasteners for various uses

Why Shop at Grease Monkey Direct UK

Grease Monkey Direct UK is a top supplier of uk automotive accessories. They have a variety of products for all your automotive needs. So, whether you’re a skilled mechanic or a DIY lover, they’re your go-to for vehicle servicing tools, auto repair equipment, and mechanic tools uk.

What makes Grease Monkey Direct UK stand out is their excellent customer care. Their team is well-trained and passionate about what they offer. This means you get the best help and advice. Their friendly and professional service has gained them a perfect 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

uk automotive accessories

Besides a big product range and top-notch customer service, they offer fast, free UK delivery on orders over £100. This way, you get your vital vehicle servicing tools and auto repair equipment with no added delivery costs.

  • Extensive selection of uk automotive accessories
  • Wide variety of vehicle servicing tools and auto repair equipment
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Polite, helpful, and professional customer service
  • Fast and free delivery in the UK on orders over £100

If you’re a mechanic seeking mechanic tools uk or a DIY fan ready for your next task, Grease Monkey Direct UK is perfect. They promise quality goods, top service, and easy delivery. So, your shopping experience will be truly great.

Everyday Essentials for Garages and Workshops

Grease Monkey Direct UK is your go-to shop for all things automotive tools and equipment, car maintenance supplies, mechanic workshop supplies, and auto parts in the UK. They have a big range of basic items. These products help garages, workshops, and offices all over the country.

  • Garage jugs and funnels for hassle-free fluid transfers
  • Bargain hose menders to keep your equipment in top condition
  • A selection of pins and R-clip fasteners for secure assemblies
  • Truck and trailer lights like LED beacons, strobe beacons, and hazard lights
  • Auto electrical supplies such as battery cables, insulating tapes, and fuses
  • Safety gear including reversing cameras, parking sensors, and nitrile gloves
  • LED trailer lights, work lights, and emergency lights for optimal visibility
  • Spot lights and driving lights varieties like Boreman Solas lamps
  • Automotive electrical cables, twin core auto cables, and conduits
  • Deutsch connectors, including 2-way male and female connectors, and cable coils
  • Superseal connections, 2-way super seal kits, and cable ties
  • Heat shrink tubing in various sizes and specials on tapes
  • Workshop chemicals like silicone sealants, lubricants, and greases
  • Garage and DIY tools, wire stripping tools, and ratchet straps
  • Safety gear, goggles, gloves, and tools for workshops
  • Reversing camera kits with 7-inch displays and beeper alerts
  • Aerosol sprays for lubricants, sealants, and paint in workshops

Grease Monkey Direct UK helps people in Britain, the UK, and Northern Ireland. They offer the best prices online for car maintenance supplies and mechanic workshop supplies.

Grease Monkey Direct UK’s Services

Grease Monkey Direct UK aims to cover all your automotive and garage supplies uk needs. Our technicians use top-notch equipment. They also stay up-to-date with software for accurate diagnostics.

Those with breakdown and repair cover can count on us for warranty repairs. This guarantees your vehicle is in good hands. Our clutch replacement service gives a year’s warranty on parts and labour, making sure you’re happy with our service.

Our welding services are top-notch, handling various materials and projects. To make things easier, we offer collection and delivery. This service lets you relax while we work on your automotive equipment uk needs.

Grease Monkey Direct UK prioritises reliable uk grease monkey suppliers. We ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Our services cater to both professional mechanics and DIY fans, meeting your needs perfectly.

  • Diagnostics performed by highly trained technicians
  • Warranty repairs for customers with breakdown and repair cover
  • Clutch replacements with a year’s warranty on parts and labor
  • Welding services for various materials and projects
  • Collection and delivery service for added convenience

Being a top grease monkey in the UK, we are committed to excellence. We ensure you’re fully satisfied each time you deal with us.

Best Trade Prices on Garage Supplies UK

At Grease Monkey Direct, we are proud to offer some of the best workshop supplies UK. We bring great trade prices on car maintenance equipment and garage supplies. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, we work with top brands like DeWalt and Milwaukee.

Our shop is perfect for both pros and DIY fans. We have a wide range of car maintenance tools UK. You can get basic gear like socket sets and wrenches. Or, you can pick up airflow, power tools, and welding gear too.

We keep costs low by storing products in bulk. With this efficient method, we bring you great prices. You’ll find discounts on many items, like gloves, welding gear, tools, and safety wear.

  • Our prices start from just £27.62 up to £262.10 before taxes.
  • You can pick tool sets that suit you, such as sockets and pliers. We have the right tools for every task.
  • There are also plenty of storage choices for tools, like boxes and bags, to keep your space tidy.

If you’re a mechanic or just love fixing things, check us out. We offer the best deals on car maintenance tools uk, workshop supplies uk, and more. Plus, UK customers enjoy fast and free delivery. Your workshop will be stocked and ready in no time.

Become a Grease Monkey Direct UK Insider

Grease Monkey Direct UK is a well-known online store in the UK. It offers automotive and workshop supplies. They’re inviting customers to join their exclusive community. By signing up, you’ll get the newest updates on products, great deals, and special discounts in your inbox.

By joining, you’ll get access to a wide range of mechanic accessories and tools. They have everything, whether you’re a pro or like to do things yourself. This ensures you always have the right gear for any job.

This is your chance to make your workshop even better. Join Grease Monkey Direct UK today to get these benefits. Stay updated, save money, and get top-notch tools and accessories from your home.

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