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We are Ceol Digital. We're An Expert eCommerce and Shopify SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Agency Based in Ireland.
We've Been Ranking Websites on Google and Increasing Traffic, Leads and Sales for our Clients for Ten Years Now.

Ceol Digital is a lean, results-focused, high-performance SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Pay per click/Google Ads marketing agency based in Cavan, Ireland, specialising in Enterprise SEO, local SEO and eCommerce SEO.

We are experts in increasing the search rankings of websites built using Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce/Wordpress, Wix, Sitebuilder, Volusion, Opencart, Squarespace and Bigcommerce or any content management system.


We use little-known, ethical, effective techniques including cutting-edge keyword research, content development, on-page optimisation and backlink-building methods to reliably increase the rankings of sites in Google local (the maps pack) and in Google's organic (natural) search results pages for lower cost than any other large or boutique SEO agencies.

We are also PPC (pay per click) ads marketing experts.


For local (google maps pack/snack pack/three pack) SEO we are experts in many niches, including hospitality - restaurants, hotels; in law, i.e. lawyers/solicitors; in veterinarian, ie veterinary surgeons, doctors, medical consultants, GPs, surgeons, psychiatrists, specialist consultants such as oncologists, neurologists and other medical professionals; the auto industries including car garages/dealerships/motor trade, car repair, mechanics and tyre shops; accountants, estate agents/auctioneers, insurance assessors, bars, pubs, and nightclubs; or marketing and SEO for any business that regular people use Google search or Google Maps on their smartphone to find. We also provide a Video production and Youtube SEO ranking service.

Enterprise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Consultant Agency Ireland

Search Engine Optimisation/SEO Services

When the words digital marketing and SEO come up, the first thought in the minds of business people is ranking on the first page. This is because being on the first page means that you are more visible to your target audience. Search Engine Optimisation is up to 5.66 times better at getting your company clicks and conversions compared to paid search (Google Ads/AdWords). However, ranking on the first page and getting more conversions through organic search is not all there is to SEO. Below we explain more about how to improve your brand and online presence through our SEO services in Dublin, Ireland.

Our Digital Marketing Services:

On-site SEO

 One of the most important services provided by SEO companies such as Ceol Digital for businesses based in Dublin is on-site SEO. On-site SEO involves making the content on your website not only interesting but relevant. While this may look like an easy process to follow, it is not. On-page SEO involves figuring out keyword densities, search phrases that consumers use, and including them in your content creation and the right way to maximise the potential of your content. You also need to understand meta descriptions, tags and page titles, how to format for Google and optimise the URL slugs also.. Only an experienced, certified Irish SEO consultant should help you.

Content Marketing

Another essential part of digital marketing that should matter to those who want to make the best out of their websites and web pages is content marketing. Whether you are in the e-commerce industry, hospitality, or you carry out any other business online, you need an SEO strategy that will give a full return on investment. One of the most excellent ways to create a great strategy is to include a proper content creation strategy. However, only a Dublin SEO company that underrstands all your internet marketing needs such as Ceol Digital.


Link-building is a primary part of off-site SEO. If you have backlinks on your site, Google and other search engines see this as an indication of your site’s quality. Therefore, you must have numerous high-value backlinks to your website for better results. You can use natural links, manually built links and self-created links to help you fortify your website’s position on the search engine results. With the right links in your arsenal, your business can perform better on Google search and outrank your competitors while impressing your customers. Contact the leading Dublin SEO experts today and have the best links for the perfect link-building experience.


Pay-per-click is a perfect strategy that many companies can use as they wait for the SEO work to pick up in the long-term. Pay-per-click results can be almost instant, and all you have to do is pay Google a small fee and reap bigger benefits. We are the right experts to come to when you need a perfect PPC campaign to get to your customers in Ireland. As a qualified social media marketing and SEO expert company, our agency provides top-notch services to ensure that your website is at the top of the results pahe.

White Hat SEO-Building Techniques

White hat methods help you rank your site higher on Google while black and grey hat methods are looked down by Google when it comes to ranking sites. As such, white hat strategies are positive and help improve traffic to your website naturally while following the rules set by Google. While these methods may take longer to work, white hat SEO techniques are better in the long-term and will never get penalized by Google. At Ceol Digital, we specialize in white hat SEO techniques that will ensure you are staying ahead of your competitors that rely on unethical practices. Some of these strategies include blogging and content promotion, guest posting, usage of infographics, creating and using linkable assets, mobile automisation and other related methods.

The Cost of SEO

While this is a common question, there is no definite answer because every business in Ireland has different needs and different factors that can determine how long and difficult it would be to get to the top rankings. By working on different aspects of your site and your online marketing strategy, a consultant charges a monthly fee for the work done.

How We Can Help You

As an SEO agency, we are all about helping you navigate the online world for the best return. We first understand each business, its unique needs and what is needed not just to get to the first page but to rank in first page for tens or hundreds of keywords.

We have worked with Dublin companies and foreign firms for 12 years. During this time, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the best SEO agencies in our field. We provide a free search engine optimisation review of your site so we can identify what exactly needs to be done on your site to bring it to the top position. Our ethical and effective techniques, as an SEO company, mean that Google loves what we do for the websites of our clients.

By fixing every optimisation problem, helping you build links and writing optimised, focused content, you will find yourself at the top of the search results and you get more traffic on your website. As one of the top agencies in Dublin and Ireland, we have been able to collaborate with businesses in the e-commerce, hospitality, insurance, gaming, real estate, car repair, dental, medicine and many more niches.

We are the ideal company that will assign you the right SEO expert who will not only help you achieve a high search result rank and more website traffic that convert into customers, but also manage all aspects of your online business to ensure you continue staying at the top.

If you would like to work with us, the process is easy. However, you have to take the first step to us - Irish, Dublin-based SEO experts.
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